Turn on the heat!

A letter from Charlene Oosthuizen

If you are reading this, it means that you have taken the first steps to find out more about NBHA SA. First and foremost, WELCOME!

A little background

I started the initiative to build barrel racing as a sport in South Africa. I’ve always had the dream of running my horse in a clover leaf pattern, like seen on the American and NFR.

Yip, oki so moving to the states was not an option, so what seemed somewhat impossible, but with God’s grace, I found NBHA and long story short, we managed to affiliate with them which made it so much more cooler!

Whats even better is that as soon as South African people found out about this initiative, they made contact with me, everyone wanted to help. People I still have to meet (and I cant wait to) You inspired me, kept me going and actually made it possible.

So like every startup we’ve made some mistakes, we’ve been forgiven and some not, and thats ok too.

Our mission for NBHA SA, is to create a save, family environment with real people. A place where we can enjoy our sport, compete and demonstrate sportsmanship to the highest standards.

In barrel racing, you better be a good loser before you can be a winner.

With saying that, I want to thank every sponsor, member and volunteer who took the leap with me. My fellow directors, who stuck their necks out, thank you for believing in NBHA SA.

The best is yet to come, time to hustle!